Ethical AI

Ethical framework by PiktID

In today’s world where AI is a big part of our lives, it’s crucial to make sure it respects our values. Privacy is not just a choice, but a fundamental human right. At PiktID, our AI upholds this right, offering solutions that are both ethical and beneficial for everyone.

PiktID follows the seven principles of ethical AI, aiming to create human-centered AI solutions. The aim is to use AI systems ethically and responsibly from start to finish. It’s important to consider everyone involved and the wider effects on society and the environment.

Human Agency & Oversight

PiktID helps protect individual rights by creating visuals ethically and legally. We keep sensitive biometric data safe using synthetic identities.

Data Privacy & Governance

PiktID responsibly boosts privacy through safe synthetic identities and visuals. We prioritize data protection and process all personal data according to the GDPR.

Safety & Technical Robustness

PiktID ensures its cloud-based solutions’ resilience to attacks and security. We ensure consistent results in various situations.


PiktID clearly explains its AI systems and informs users about what it can and can’t do. We document data sets and processes to build understanding and allow for the replication of results.

Diversity & Fairness

PiktID consults with stakeholders to consider all perspectives. The development of AI systems should be inclusive and unbiased. Their use should avoid biases and discrimination.

Social & Environmental

PiktID’s intelligence systems consider broader societal impacts. We mitigate mistrust of synthetic identities by raising awareness about the creation, use, and purpose of synthetic identities and media visuals.


PiktID has mechanisms to ensure responsibility and accountability for our AI systems and their outcomes. We evaluate trade-offs in terms of their risk to ethical principles.

Trustworthy AI for face anonymization and editing.