Best AI Photo Enhancer for Faces

The Best AI Photo Enhancer

Our AI photo enhancer sharpens facial details in your photos to perfection. SuperID is ideal for professional shots or precious family moments, ensuring every face appears crystal-clear.

Your Benefits

Fast & simple upscaling

Enhance the quality of your images.

Time Saving

Upscale image batches at once.

Save effort & cost

Increase revenues.

Why Choose SuperID?

SuperID upscales images of low resolution up to 16x, providing super high-quality facial details.

Best upscaler for images with models

Crystal-clear facial details 
SuperID is the best AI photo enhancer, ensuring highest quality of your images.

Easy Upload 
Our Clear Resolution Enhancer can work with any format of your image

Download Options 
Quick for immediate results, or Enhanced for superior quality after a brief wait.

How to fix low resolution photos?

  • Who 
    Ideal for anyone in need of clear faces in images, such as printers, graphic designers, and e-commerce businesses.

    Enhance quality of digital and print images in which facial details are key.

    SuperID improves low-quality photos, with a special focus on faces.
SuperID upscales images of low resolution up to 16x, providing super high-quality facial details like skin and beard.
SuperID upscales images of low resolution up to 16x, providing super high-quality facial details.

Technology and Integration

Integration Options
Explore comprehensive API documentation for integrating our advanced upscaler into your platform.

Batch Efficiency
Unique advanced batch editing processes multiple images simultaneously, saving time and effort.

AI Precision
Witness the meticulous upscaling focusing on facial details, setting SuperID apart from competitors.

Combine your system with secure and scalable APIs

Trust in our cloud-based infrastructure that guarantees data protection and seamless capacity to scale to meet your growing needs. Our software also offers APIs, allowing easy integration and providing a comprehensive solution for your requirements.

Smart Investment in Quality

Subscription Plans

Tailored for continuous professional excellence, we offer plans to fit every need.

One-Time Use

Opt for our one-time bulk upscaling service for an immediate uplift in image quality.

Contact for Custom Solutions

Get in touch with us for personalized plans and integration solutions.

About us

Welcome to PiktID, the go-to platform for all your visual content needs. Our diverse range of products includes:


An AI image description generator for easy image tagging.

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A technology solution focused on face anonymization and editing.


An AI photo enhancer for precise image upscaling.


Elevate your product photography with AI-generated backgrounds.

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AI-powered image enhancement.


What is SuperID AI Photo Enhancer?

SuperID is an AI-powered tool that sharpens and enhances images, making them crystal clear and perfect for professional, personal, and print industry use.

How does SuperID work?

SuperID uses advanced AI algorithms to upscale and enhance image resolution up to 16x, focusing on improving facial details and overall image quality for a high-quality result.

Who can benefit from using SuperID?

SuperID is ideal for creative, graphic designers, e-commerce businesses, the print industry, and anyone needing high-quality facial details in their images.

What formats does SuperID support?

SuperID works with various image formats, ensuring versatility for different needs.

How long does the enhancement process take?

Users can choose between quick results for immediate needs or enhanced quality after a brief wait for superior detail.

How can I integrate SuperID into my workflow?

SuperID offers comprehensive API documentation for seamless integration into your platform, along with batch editing capabilities to save time and effort.

Is my data secure with SuperID?

Yes, SuperID operates on a cloud-based infrastructure ensuring data protection and scalability to meet your needs.

What subscription plans are available?

SuperID offers tailored subscription plans for continuous use and a one-time bulk upscaling service for immediate image quality improvement. Custom solutions are also available upon request.

How do I get started with SuperID?

You can start enhancing your images by visiting the SuperID Studio and uploading your photos for processing.

Can SuperID enhance low-quality images for print?

Yes, SuperID is used in the print industry to enhance low-quality input images, ensuring they meet high-quality print standards.